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Title: Tie Me Up
Fandom: The Flash (2014)
Wordcount: 425
Rating: PG-13
Characters: (fem!)Barry Allen, Axel Walker
Warning(s): genderswapped Barry
Prompt(s): Alwaysagirl!Barry Allen/Any Rogue(s), she has a rather... Distracting body in red leather

"Who's laughing now?" the Flash was grinning up at the Trickster, hands on her hips while the Rogue was hanging upside down from a lamp post.

Axel grumbled and looked away, feigning indifference, but as soon as the scarlet speedster turned around to leave, he looked back at her and smiled. If he ever met whoever designed her costume, he would thank them profusely for creating something that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. He let his eyes wander over the red leather hugging the Flash's ass for a moment and sighed dreamily as she sprinted off, then got to work to untie himself and make his escape before the police got there.


The Flash looked uncomfortable, bouncing a little from one foot to the other and staring at him. She looked behind her, then back at Axel. She bit her lower lip and tortured it a little with her teeth, clearly unsure on what to do.

"Can you... uh, can you stop letting me catch you on purpose? I know this sounds weird, but, ugh..." she looked like she wanted to run away, but she knew she couldn't let the criminal get away like that "Is it supposed to be some sort of prank? A weird long term plan?"

"Naaahh... I just like when you tie me up."

"That's what I was afraid of."

The Trickster laughed at that, and Barrie kind of wanted to run away and kind of wanted to kiss him. Axel was a weird yet deadly combination of unpredictable and naive, and he always got under her skin so easily... she made an effort to stand still and gave him a determined look.

"We could make a pact. You stop committing crimes just to get me to tie- ugh, to catch you, and in exchange I can do something for you. Something reasonable."



"I want something simple. Don't make that face! I just want a kiss. Not a tiny kiss on the cheek, though, a real proper kiss."

Barrie's cheeks turned the color of her costume, and the smirk on Axel's face made her only want to run away now. So that's what she does, leaving the Rogue with his hands tied behind his back, sitting on the floor of the jewelry.

In the time it took for him to blink, the Flash was gone, and his smirk immediately turned into a pout. After a look around, he starts working on freeing himself from his binds.

"Oh well, there's always next time, and the next, and the next..."


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