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Fandom: The Flash (2014)
Wordcount: 306
Characters: Barry Allen, Leonard Snart, Lisa Snart
Pairing(s): Leonard Snart/Barry Allen, Lisa Snart/Barry Allen
Prompt(s): The Flash (TV), Lisa Snart/Barry Allen + Leonard Snart/Barry Allen, sibling rivalry

Barry felt his skin tingle while he got closer to Captain Cold, the nets of ice created around him forcing his body to slow down as the temperature rapidly dropped. The smile on the man's face widened considerably when the speedster finally stopped running, and the shiver that run down Barry's spine as the criminal started walking towards him had less to do with the freezing air around him and more with the predatory look on the other man's face.

Barry was crouched on the ground trying to regain control, but all Len did when he reached him was squat down at his level and grab his chin, letting out a small chuckle before kissing him. Then he stood back up, slung over his shoulder the backpack where the money he had stolen was stashed, and leisurely walked away. By the time Barry's brain decided to start working again, the ice had started melting and he was free to run back to the labs.

It took a week for him to finally stop thinking about that... accident. It took only two more days for everything to get really weird again.

He was walking into Jitters early in the morning before work when someone stepped next to him, hooking arms with him without saying a word. He turned to the side to find Lisa, a thousand watt smile on her face as she leaned towards him for a quick kiss on the lips. Barry simply stared, too confused to do or say anything other than get dragged to the counter by the girl, who ordered her coffee and then waltzed out of the store, leaving him alone again.

Waiting for his own coffee, Barry licked his lips, tasting Lisa's cherry-flavored lip balm on them. He was so distraught he ended up leaving without picking up his drink.
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