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Title: accidental fire
Fandom: The Flash (2014)
Wordcount: 241
Characters: Mick Rory, Ronnie Raymond
Pairing(s): Mick Rory/Ronnie Raymond
Prompt(s): The Flash (TV), Ronnie Raymond/Mick Rory, (518): I just sneezed alcohol on a candle and started a fire.
Notes: A little vague, but it's meant to be a mundane AU. Also, established relationship.

"If anybody else in the world told me that happened, I would feel offended they thought I'd buy it."

Ronnie is standing in the living room of his apartment, arms crossed over his chest and an almost exasperated expression on his face, staring down at a shirtless Mick, who's sitting on a couch that definitely didn't look so battered only a few hours before when Ronnie had left for work.

"Goddammit! I told you, I-" Mick's face morphs into an expression of anger and he looks ready to punch something, but the younger man is decidedly unimpressed with the display, knowing his boyfriend enough to recognize when he was all bark and no bite.

"Relax. I'm actually glad you put out the fire before it burned down the whole apartment. Again."
Mick grins, clearly pleased with himself.
"But I would have been happier if you also bothered to take off your t-shirt, which was also on fire."
Mick's grin widens, and he looks entirely too happy to have gained new extensive first degree burns on his chest and on his back.

Ronnie lets out a sigh and tries not to think too hard about being in relationship with a crazy pyromaniac and what that says about himself, so he drops his bag to the floor he goes to the bathroom in the search of a towel and some aloe cream.

"I knew getting that additional fire insurance was a good idea."
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